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here are some pix of Khleo Thomas!

*thanks to all the great sites out there for these pix*

this is Khleo at a premere (go over for more pix ->)

this is a 'zero' movie still from Holes

this is from the Apple Jacks commercial

this is another apple jacks commercial

I love this pic!

these are movie stills from friday after next

did u notice he has a lot of orange clothes?

this is his bro Khadeem (11)

the d-tent boys are singing dig it

(L-R) Brenden/X-ray Byron/Armpit Khleo/zero Noah/twitch

this is Khleo in, 6th grade I think

a movie still from holes

this is Khleo at 'the battle of shaker hights' premere

these are movie stills from walking tall

here he is, signing autographs~~so fathful!! lol~~

he is singing 'dig it'