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Personal Info:

~*please dont take my stuff without askin thanx!!!*~

full name: Khaleed Leon Thomas (Khleo is his first and middle name put together)

his birthday: Jan. 30, 1989  01/30/1989

born: 8:17 pm.

where he was born: Anchorage, Alaska

living now: Los Angeles (LA) California (CA)

age: now 15!

mom: speaks 5 different languages

brothers: Khadeem (11), and Khamel (4) Khaleea (5-6 months)

background: African American

Religon: Jewish (mom)and Christain (dad)

height: 5" 6'

shoe size: 10 and a half  *he's probly grown, of course!*

his 'lil manager is Khadeem

All his fav's!!:

Fav. colors: Black and Red

Fav. Scene on holes: in the hole with the lizards >hear him talk about them on our home page<

Fav. Type of Music: Rap, R&B and Hip Hop

Fav. Show: Spongebob squarepants and 7 heaven

Fav. sport: BasketBall,Baseball, Hockey and Football

fav. Books: The Harry Potter series

fav. number: seven (7)

fav. Soda: Coke, Sprite, Dr.Pepper, and Mountain Dew

fav. Shoe Brand: Nike

fav. movie: spiderman

fav. animal: cheetah

fav. radio station: 100.3 beat the power

fav. website:

fav. food: mom's home cooking

fav. female singer: Jennifer Lopez (J-lo)

fav. lizard on set of Holes: Mocha, the largest lizard there!

Fun Facts:

he can do the worm

he got his left ear pearced

he has a scar on his eyebrow when he got hit by the car door at age 7

he can wiggle his ears

he stood on a stool in the dig it music video

he likes to dance and skateboard

played pranks on the set of holes

got a heat rash on his thigh during the making of holes.

right handed

he scored 10-15 points at a basketball game

he competed againsted l'il Romeo and l'il bow-wow to take the part of  Zero in Holes

Most emberrasing moment: when he tried doing the worm he hit his head on the ground

On Holes, when he and Shia were writing, he and Shia's handwriting is how they were writing in that sene where Stanley was teaching Zero how to write. *I know that probly made no sence, but it's hard to explain!! lolz. sorry*


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